Course to be rolled out across 570 schools in Ireland (80% of all schools)

The Irish School of Excellence (ISOE) today announced the launch of Ireland’s first e-scooter safety course. The first-of-its-kind programme in Ireland is designed to educate transition year, Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA), Youthreach and after school students on safe and responsible riding practises for the use of shared e-scooters.

The ISOE is Ireland’s largest driver education programme, working with over 570 secondary schools nationwide. Covering almost 80% of schools nationally, the ISOE will roll out Ireland’s first e-scooter safety course as soon as legislation governing their use is passed. The as the Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021 makes it way through the Oireachtas to allow for e-scooters on Irish roads, and ahead of Councils throughout Ireland beginning licensing processes this year.

Once e-scooters are legalised in Ireland, our ‘E-scooter Safety Course,’ module will serve as part of the Irish School of Excellence’s existing ‘Driver Education Course’. The course is used to encourage young people to adopt a safety-led approach to driving, and is available to Leaving Cert pupils preparing to take driving lessons, as cars and micro mobility devices increasingly share the road. The pioneering ‘E-scooter Safety Module’ will provide pupils with an overview of the law governing e-scooters; a guide on how to ensure pedestrian safety while using e-scooters; tuition on starting and moving off safely, as well as a tutorial on how to park safely.

Kieran O’Brien, CEO and founder of Irish School of Excellence said: “As our transport network evolves to embrace more sustainable travel options such as shared e-scooter schemes, so too should driving education.

About Irish School of Excellence:

E-Scooter Training

Kieran O’Brien founded the Irish School of Excellence in 2000 as a venture to reduce the number of road deaths of young drivers killed on our roads each year. Kieran has devised a course that promotes a common-sense and safety led approach to driving for transition year LCA, Youthreach and afterschool students at school between the ages of 15 – 18, which is taught during school hours. It is the largest driver education programme in over 570 secondary schools and has access to over 30,000 students and 100 ADI driver instructors. More information regarding the Irish School of Excellence can be found at their website: